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Ovalhouse, The Marlborough Theatre, Pink Fringe and The Nightingale seek 3 new commissions

Conceptions of a not so distant queer future…

We invite applications for three new performance commissions.
Mauve New World is a commission inspired by the rich tradition of speculative fiction.

To speculate is to imagine, to dream.  It is the first glimmer of an idea, the seed of the creative process.
Inspired by great works like The Handmaids Tale, Brave New World, 1984 and Children of Men, we want to challenge artists working in live performance to imagine a queer future.
Your vision of the future might explore politics, family, sex, relationships, love, life or death.
Your vision of the future could encompass science fiction – a genre with an uncanny knack of predicting where society will be heading next. (After all, Star Trek contained American television’s first interracial kiss…)
It’s your Mauve New World to create.

We want to commission three new ideas to be realised as innovative performances.
We encourage applications from artists working across a wide range of live performance disciplines.
We anticipate that these seed commissions will have a future touring life.
Each commission consists of a fee and development time and space in London and Brighton (see below for details).

Deadline for applications:  Monday Feb 27th at 12:00 midday
June, 11 – 18: 1 week development time at Ovalhouse, London
June, Thurs 19 – Sat 23: 3 sharings at Ovalhouse, London
July, 9 – 18: 2 weeks of development time and accommodation at the Nightingale and Marlborough Theatres, Brighton
July, Fri 20 – Say 21st: Work-in-progress performances at The Nightingale, Brighton

Each artist / company will receive:
·     Producing and production support from Pink Fringe throughout the development process.
·     Tech and marketing support from The Nightingale and Ovalhouse e.g. access to a technician, printed flyers and
·     A £700 development fee
·     Access to a modest production budget to be agreed with partners approx £100
·     Accommodation at The Nightingale during the Brighton development period

To apply, please email the following to by Monday Feb 27th at 12:00 midday.
·     A description of your idea and supporting materials (maximum of 2 A4 sides)
·     If desired, include a link to a website featuring documentation of artistic practice
·     A short summary of your artistic practice maximum (maximum 1 A4 side)
·     CV

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by 5pm on 1st March.
Interviews will be held during the week of 5th March.

The partners in this programme are all committed to the development of exciting and inspiring new performance. Find out more about Pink Fringe and The Nightingale.