Pink Fringe chat to Lucy Hutson


lucy hutson

Ahead of  her new show coming to Brighton, we checked in with Lucy Hutson to find out a bit more about the piece. Tickets for If You Want Bigger Yorkshire Puddings You Need a Bigger Tin are available from the Pink Fringe website.

You’re bringing the fabulously titled If You Want Bigger Yorkshire Puddings You Need a Bigger Tin to Brighton on Friday 7th March as part of our International Women’s Day programme. What can the audience expect from the show?

This show is a brutally honest account of how I feel about being a women and not always looking like one and not quite sure if I always feel like one.

What was the impetus for creating the piece?

I wanted to find my feminine side so I attempted to become the full homemaker mother-figure

The work questions how we see women today, last year seemed to be equally as fabulous as it was frustrating for feminism, have you seen significant changes in this since you made the show? 

I heard something on Women’s Hour that there is a growing trend amongst teenage and young women to identify as a feminist which is great because I think amongst my own generation there has been a tendency to shy away from the title because of the fear of appearing as a man hating dyke

Ok, and the big pressing question – which Disney character would you most like to Queerify?


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