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Hamburger Queen Call Out!


Scottee welcomes you back for a forth and final, super sized helping of his infamous talent show for fat people Hamburger Queen!

Over three heats and a grand finale, a gang of plus size punters will be whittled down in a game show designed to find the perfect fatso. Each chubby contestant will endure three rounds: Trend (flaunting your fat fashion), Taste (your signature dish served to our celebrity judges) and Talent (light entertainment for heavy weights).

This years head judge is international plus size model and ‘British bombshell’ (Vogue) Felicity Hayward!

The winner will receive £100 cash, £300 worth of prizes from Tatty Devine, Paul A Young, Mr Bake as well as Bestival tickets (with a slot on Scotteeʼs festival stage show, ʻCampʼ), a bottle of fizz, the coveted Hamburger Queen medal, the legendary Golden Unhappy Meal and the 2014 title!

The search to find the perfect plus size porker has begun.

Who will become the final Hamburger Queen?


Hamburger Queen comes to the Marlborough, Brighton on 4th April 2014.


Pink Fringe and Sh!t Theatre have a natter



Hi guys! We are really excited to have you on our bill of shows for International Women’s Day. You’re bringing Women’s Hour to us on Thursday 6th March, what can the audience expect?

This will be a longer version of a piece we wrote for ‘Calm Down, Dear!’ Festival of Feminism. It’s basically just like the radio show Women’s Hour if Jenni Murray was two angry short people in pants. We’re going to write it just before the festival to keep it up-to-date and suitably sh!t. It’s going to be a fun mess and then we’ll all go to the quiz and get drunk. More drunk.

You had a very successful 2013, winning an Arches Brick Award and the Total Theatre Award for Emerging Company, what have you got planned for 2014? A Sh!t world take over perhaps?

This year we’re trying to sell our bodies to medical science. We’re also writing a new show called Guinea Pigs on Trial which previews at The Yard at the end of February. Those two facts may or may not be related. We’ll also be doing a mini tour of our 2013 show JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) beginning with the Chelsea Theatre in early February.

You say your aesthetic is a ‘pastiche of drag and is constructed of found materials’ – how did you land on this aesthetic, and how relevant is it to your practice?

We were originally inspired by the DIY aesthetics of the likes of Split Britches and Taylor Mac. We embrace ‘the shit’ as theatrically political (eg. We make our own costumes though we are not costume designers, we dance though we are not dancers). We often wear newspaper to reflect our obsession with the media’s representation of socio-political issues. We present ourselves as clownish versions of ‘male’ and ‘female’ as a challenge to the audience to peer beyond the alienating exterior and find common ground beneath. It’s also a self-parody.

Ok, it’s 9:45am and Radio 4 have just found out that Jenni Murray’s been on a bender and is in no fit state to present Women’s Hour. They are desperately looking for a host and call you! What would a Sh!t Theatre Women’s Hour entail?

We’d probably talk about menstruation for around 45 minutes and then interview Dame Judi Dench for the last 15. Done.