Jamie Wood has a chat with Pink Fringe.

Jamie Wood's Beating McEnroe

Jamie Wood, tennis enthusiast, is bringing his solo show, Beating McEnroe, to Pink Fringe on 27th June, tickets can be bought here. Here’s what Jamie had to say about his show:

Beating McEnroe is a piece about competitive behaviour and the relationship between you and your brother, would you say that it is important to maintain a competitive relationship between siblings? 

One of the things the piece is about is how competition can inspire you and also strangle you. I think the most important thing I try to maintain with my siblings is honest communication and openness to allow our relationships to change as we get older.

You had a very successful time in Edinburgh last year as a solo performer, can we expect more work like this? Or would you be inclined to rekindle your love for directing?

Beating McEnroe is my first solo show and I’m really proud of it, I’m proud of every object and every moment and how all these very different elements come together over time to form a complete fun and exciting experience for an audience. I’ve just presented the first stages of my second solo show called O No! about Yoko Ono and John Lennon, love and art, and it went down a complete storm in Liverpool last month. At the same time I still direct, and teach, and also work in children’s hospitals. I’m very appreciative of every strand that my work entails because they all stimulate different parts of me and all contribute and complement one another. I am a lucky man.

Through your Clown and Circus Skills, you have been working in children’s hospitals with Theodora Children’s Trust, what’s your favourite trick or joke to perform?

The wonderful thing about working with children is that they can truly be amazed and so utterly honest in their joy, and it’s incredible and so heart warming to see a child’s mouth fall open as they seem to multiply balls in their hands, and scream at their parents to come see. Sometimes it is just what a parent needs to remind them their child is not only ill but still plays and laughs and it gives the child some time when they are not all consumed by their illness. Oh and, What do you call an Italian man whose big toe is made of rubber? Robbberto!

What is your all time favourite underdog winning story in sports?

Not sure I have a winning underdog story but I love Cool Runnings and the story of the Jamaican bob sleigh team and also Eddie the Eagle Edwards. Such spirit and courage to compete at such a top level in such dangerous sports.

Find out more about Jamie Woods’ works here.


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