Annie Siddons and Pink Fringe talk all things nice.

Annie Siddons shows her Edinburgh Preview show, Raymondo, on Saturday 5th July and Sunday 6th July as part of a Double Bill with Sh!t Theatre’s Guinea Pigs on Trial. Tickets can be purchased here.

Hi Annie, Raymondo, is a tale of two brothers who are locked in a cellar together for 6 years. What was your inspiration for your new show?

I’m a huge fan of Lemony Snickett, aka Daniel Handler. A few years ago I found a complete set of Series of Unfortunate Events Cds – there are like 78 of them – for a ridiculously bargainous price, and me and my kids listen to them on long car journeys. We’ve  listened for about 6 years and even now we still find new things. He is a phenomenal writer – hilarious and playful with a viscous satirical side and a massive moral compass and as an adult I never tire of them. So I guess the desire to create something  that is dark but also playful – which has always been my vibe – has been honed by listening to him. It’s Tim Curry performing so it’s pure joy.  Also I wanted to set myself the challenge of performing my own full length show -something I haven’t really done for a long time – and there are so many ridiculously good female solo artists around at the moment and many of them – Kate Tempest and Bryony Kimmings particularly – are crazy inspirational. My work is really different from theirs but the bar they set is so high. The content of the show just kind of happened – it contains a lot of the things that have been preoccupying me for a while – some of them very personal and some less so.

Raymondoland, is the place you refer to when you’re writing the show. Do you have any tools or people you keep close by for when you need to come away from writing the show?

Yep I have two daughters. They stop me from entirely disappearing into imaginary realms. I have a very grown up adult life as a single mother.

Annie Siddons_Raymondo

If you were trapped in a room, who would you be with?

An escapologist,obvs.

Annie Siddons’ work can be found on her website:


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