Ellie Stamp Discusses Are You Lonesome Tonight? with Pink Fringe



Ellie Stamp will be showcasing an Edinburgh Preview of her show, Are You Lonesome Tonight? as part of a Double Bill on Thursday 17th July at 9pm. Tickets can be purchased here.

Are You Lonesome Tonight? is a solo performance based on a story when you were told, that you are in fact, Elvis’ love child. When were you told of this story and what were your thoughts?

For Christmas 2010 a family member gave me a present, a book they found, titled ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight – The untold story of Elvis’ one true love and the child he never knew’ and explained that this book was about me and I am the secret love child of Elvis.
At this time this family member was experiencing delusions, hallucinations and a separation from our shared reality. They changed my identity and for them it was real. This started me asking how and why delusions occur, what the difference between an imaginative thought and a delusional belief is and how we classify delusions in the first place. This piece is an interactive game I made with a neuroscientist which explores the neural processes involved in how we create meaning as well as examining how we classify and measure ‘madness’.

What’s your favourite record of Elvis’ and why?

My favourite Elvis Song is Hound Dog. Its great piece of music and good one to do all your Elvis moves to.

As this is an immersive and interactive performance, what can people expect from your show?

Are You Lonesome Tonight? explores how we perceive ourselves. Expect seeing each other, conversation, a little bit of adding, searches for meaning, singing, laughter and Elvis.

More of Ellie’s works can be found on here.



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