Walking: Holding call out



My name is Rosana Cade, and I am an artist who lives in Glasgow. I have created a project called Walking:Holding, which I take to different towns and cities and work with local people there to make it happen. In May I will be doing it in Brighton in partnership with Pink Fringe as part of the Brighton Festival Fringe and I am looking for people to participate.

I started this project because as a gay woman I found that I was sometimes uncomfortable holding hands with my partner in public. I spoke to other gay people about this, and they said that they had all experienced the same feeling at least once in their lives. Some people said that they never felt comfortable enough to hold hands with their partners in public. This is something that makes me feel very sad, and something I wish to challenge.

I began a series of experiments in Glasgow where I walked holding hands with lots of different people in public, and I became interested in how different I felt with each person, and also the differences in the way other people on the street reacted towards me. I held hands with someone much older than me, with a pregnant woman, with a tall black man, with a goth, with a cross dresser, with an Indian woman and with my girlfriend.

It was a privilege to share this intimate action with all these different people, and hear their different relationships to hand holding and stories about their experiences in the city.

So I decided to create this ‘performance’ called Walking:Holding where one audience member at time gets to go on a walk and hold hands with a range of different people. I did it first in Glasgow, and have since worked with people in Bristol, Ipswich, Dublin, Cork, London and Edinburgh to make it happen. This year I will be returning to Glasgow and going to Birmingham, Sheffield and Hong Kong.

I’m looking for people to be a part of this walk around Brighton. As a participant you would get to meet a new group of people and take part in a workshop exploring the themes within the project in order to prepare for the performance. During the performance you would be positioned at a certain point along the route, and walk holding hands with each audience member one at a time for about 5 minutes. People who have participated before have found it to be a very interesting and profound experience, where they have had an opportunity to learn a lot about themselves, and also to meet a new group of people.

If what I have described above resonates with you, then please do get in touch with my Producer Sally Rose on: sally.c.rose@gmail.com You need to be available for:

–       The workshop on:     Friday 9th May 12pm – 5pm

–       The performances on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th May between 11.30am – 5pm

Its ideal if you can do both days, but please still get in touch if you can only make one or the other and we can make it work.

In order to make it an interesting experience for each audience member I need to work with people who are as different to each other as possible, e.g. a range of ages, backgrounds, genders, sexualities, appearances and identities. I’m open to anyone who is interested getting involved, and you don’t need to have any special experience. Please feel free to pass this on to anyone else who you think might be interested.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Love Rosana x


Transforming Stories – A Pink Fringe, Ovalhouse and Theatre in the Mill Co-Commission


Pink Fringe, Brighton; Ovalhouse, London and Theatre in the Mill, Bradford want to commission three new works exploring moments of profound change.

From June – September 2014 we will collaborate on Transforming Stories: a series of seed commissions for Queer-identifying artists working across a wide range of live performance disciplines. We want to work with artists who are interested in exploring the places where sexuality, gender, politics and aesthetics intersect and the times when their balance shifts within our identities.

Ruptures and revolutions; maturing and metamorphosis; political change, physical change, a change of heart or a change of mind.

Each of the three artists will benefit from residency time in Brighton, London and Bradford and will present a series of work in progress performances, as part of a triple bill,  in all three cities.

We hope that the commissioned artists will share their approaches and networks to help develop each others’ professional practice. We anticipate that these seed commissions will have a future touring life. Each commission includes a fee and development time and space in London Brighton and Bradford (see below for details).

Underpinning this project is the desire to provoke artists/companies to explore new ground and to reflect on their individual practice whilst creating new work. We are looking for artists who want to create a new piece of devised Queer performance.

What we want

  • A work in progress piece (one from each artist or company) with minimal tech requirements
  • 20-40 minutes in duration
  • With a get in/out time of 15 mins or under

Each artist / company will receive:

  • Producing support from Pink Fringe, Ovalhouse and Theatre in the Mill throughout the development process.
  • 5 hours of technical support from each venue
  • A technical operator for all performances
  • Marketing support and inclusion in season brochures
  • A £2000 commissioning fee (£500 of which should be earmarked specifically for work with an outside eye/dramaturg)
  • 20 %  box office takings (minus VAT & ticketing costs)
  • Accommodation at The Marlborough during the Brighton development period
  • Accommodation during the Bradford development period from Theatre in the Mill
  • £300 towards accommodation costs in London from Ovalhouse (if based outside of London)
  • Additional financial support for travel from The Marlborough and Theatre in the Mill, Bradford


Deadline for applications:  Monday 24th March at 9.00am

w/c 16 June: Development time at Ovalhouse, London

w/c 23 June : Performances at Ovalhouse, London (Weds – Sat)

w/c 30 June: development time at The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton

w/c 28th July: 2 performances at The Marlborough Theatre, Brighton

w/c 8 September: Development time at Theatre in the Mill, Bradford

w/c 15 September: performances at Theatre in the Mill, Bradford (Fri & Sat)

To apply

Please send us

  • A description of your idea (maximum of 500 words)
  • A short summary of your artistic practice maximum (maximum 350 words)
  • Supporting material/ links to evidence of your previous work (maximum one side of A4)

Please send your application as a Word (.doc) file attachment to programming@ovalhouse.com with ‘Quit Playing with Yourself [YOUR NAME]‘ in the subject line.

Applications in other formats or those received after the deadline will not be considered.

Dealine for applications: Monday 24th March at 9.00am.

Interviews will be held on 1st April at Ovalhouse in London.

The partners in this programme are all committed to the development of exciting and inspiring new performance. Find our more about Pink Fringe and Ovalhouse and Theatre in the Mill.

Hamburger Queen Call Out!


Scottee welcomes you back for a forth and final, super sized helping of his infamous talent show for fat people Hamburger Queen!

Over three heats and a grand finale, a gang of plus size punters will be whittled down in a game show designed to find the perfect fatso. Each chubby contestant will endure three rounds: Trend (flaunting your fat fashion), Taste (your signature dish served to our celebrity judges) and Talent (light entertainment for heavy weights).

This years head judge is international plus size model and ‘British bombshell’ (Vogue) Felicity Hayward!

The winner will receive £100 cash, £300 worth of prizes from Tatty Devine, Paul A Young, Mr Bake as well as Bestival tickets (with a slot on Scotteeʼs festival stage show, ʻCampʼ), a bottle of fizz, the coveted Hamburger Queen medal, the legendary Golden Unhappy Meal and the 2014 title!

The search to find the perfect plus size porker has begun.

Who will become the final Hamburger Queen?



Hamburger Queen comes to the Marlborough, Brighton on 4th April 2014.

Pink Fringe and Sh!t Theatre have a natter



Hi guys! We are really excited to have you on our bill of shows for International Women’s Day. You’re bringing Women’s Hour to us on Thursday 6th March, what can the audience expect?

This will be a longer version of a piece we wrote for ‘Calm Down, Dear!’ Festival of Feminism. It’s basically just like the radio show Women’s Hour if Jenni Murray was two angry short people in pants. We’re going to write it just before the festival to keep it up-to-date and suitably sh!t. It’s going to be a fun mess and then we’ll all go to the quiz and get drunk. More drunk.

You had a very successful 2013, winning an Arches Brick Award and the Total Theatre Award for Emerging Company, what have you got planned for 2014? A Sh!t world take over perhaps?

This year we’re trying to sell our bodies to medical science. We’re also writing a new show called Guinea Pigs on Trial which previews at The Yard at the end of February. Those two facts may or may not be related. We’ll also be doing a mini tour of our 2013 show JSA (Job Seekers Anonymous) beginning with the Chelsea Theatre in early February.

You say your aesthetic is a ‘pastiche of drag and is constructed of found materials’ – how did you land on this aesthetic, and how relevant is it to your practice?

We were originally inspired by the DIY aesthetics of the likes of Split Britches and Taylor Mac. We embrace ‘the shit’ as theatrically political (eg. We make our own costumes though we are not costume designers, we dance though we are not dancers). We often wear newspaper to reflect our obsession with the media’s representation of socio-political issues. We present ourselves as clownish versions of ‘male’ and ‘female’ as a challenge to the audience to peer beyond the alienating exterior and find common ground beneath. It’s also a self-parody.

Ok, it’s 9:45am and Radio 4 have just found out that Jenni Murray’s been on a bender and is in no fit state to present Women’s Hour. They are desperately looking for a host and call you! What would a Sh!t Theatre Women’s Hour entail?

We’d probably talk about menstruation for around 45 minutes and then interview Dame Judi Dench for the last 15. Done.

Intern Required for Speaking Volumes Storytelling and Oral History Project


Speaking Volumes is a storytelling project, run in association with Pink Fringe, for people living with HIV in Brighton. So far the project has involved recruiting HIV positive people who wish to share their stories and running creative workshops with them around issues of self-image and personal journeys. We are now in the process of recording and editing the stories of the participants, and are working with a local artist who is sketching portraits and representations of the subjects.

The project will culminate in a story-installation, where the recorded and edited interviews with the participants will be put onto mp3 players which will placed into hollowed-out books. Each participant has their own book, with a personalised dust jacket featuring a sketch of them. Their recording will be put inside the book, and the books will be displayed on a specially designed shelf, which will be set up in Brighton’s Jubilee library for two months, before moving to other public venues.
The idea of the project is to give HIV positive people a voice, whilst allowing them to remain anonymous should they wish. It also gives the public an opportunity to listen to the real experiences of people living with HIV and educate them about the realities of the condition.
Job Description:
The role for an intern with the Speaking Volumes project is very varied and can provide experience in many different areas such as:
–       Fundraising for the project
–       Sound editing of the recordings
–       Transcription of the interviews
–       Design of invitations, flyers, posters
–       Website management and editing
–       Creation of the hollowed out books
–       Press and marketing about the project to local and national media
–       Assistance with the project launch before and on April 7th
*There may also be future opportunities to assist with educational workshops in schools and community groups.
Person Specification:
The role would suit someone with around 1 day per week to give to the project, starting as soon as possible, up until April 2014. Which day it is can be flexible, and the hours can be spread out over the week, with some work being done from home. The role is a great way to get experience in the design and management of a creative arts and education project, as well as gain experience in fundraising, website management, print and design, press and marketing and sound editing.
Desirable skills (you do not need to demonstrate all of these skills):
–       Computer literate (and own computer)
–       Experience in fundraising
–       Experience in events organising
–       Experience in press and marketing
–       Knowledge of Photoshop
–       Flexible and willing
–       Ability to keep confidentiality
–       Interest in community and/or arts projects
–       Happy to work in Brighton
This is a voluntary role, and sadly we cannot offer any payment for the position. However, travel expenses will be covered where necessary.
If you would be interested in assisting with this diverse and interesting project please email Alice Booth (alice@speakingvolumesproject.org) with a CV and brief cover letter stating why you are interested in the role and what skills you have. If you have any questions or would like to ring for a chat please call 07733 028434.
Closing date 3rd February 2014

Performr – artist call out


Grindr, Scruff and the countless other ‘hook-up apps’ rule the lives of some of the gay men we know (naming no names), so we wanted to make a piece of art about what this means. These apps have leaked out of LGBTQ culture and into the mainstream changing the way we meet up, hook up, and break up. We wanted to find out what would happen if we put an artist on your smartphone. Love at first tap? Or instant block?

LGBTQ people have always been at the forefront of innovative means of social networking, historically as a way of escaping detection by the straight world. By developing an app called Performr we are going to playfully engage with this illicit heritage. We are commissioning five artists to create ‘hook up performances’ for this portable digital playground.

Peformr has been developed in collaboration with artist Brian Lobel and draws inspiration from his project Cruising for Art.

The app will be launched during Brighton Fringe 2014 and will be available on Android and iPhone.

We are looking for proposals from artists to create ‘hook up performances’ – this could be a one-on-one performance, a digital interaction, a meeting in a public space, a text conversation between artist and audience or a piece involving GPS technology or video. We are just interested in seeing what you come up with…

The Performr app, currently in beta form, will be similar is structure to grindr so artists should create for this type of electronic platform.

Selected artists will received a £1000 commission to make the piece and a £200 materials budget. 3 artists will be commissioned from this open call out. 

The performance dates will be:

Saturday 3rd – Monday 5th May 2014

Saturday 24th – Monday 26th May 2014

 To apply, please send a description of your idea and a short bio, on no more than 2 sides of A4 to info@pinkfringe.org.uk. The deadline for applications is 12pm on Monday 17th February. Selected artists will be informed by Friday 21st February. 

Pink Fringe chat to Lucy Hutson


lucy hutson

Ahead of  her new show coming to Brighton, we checked in with Lucy Hutson to find out a bit more about the piece. Tickets for If You Want Bigger Yorkshire Puddings You Need a Bigger Tin are available from the Pink Fringe website.

You’re bringing the fabulously titled If You Want Bigger Yorkshire Puddings You Need a Bigger Tin to Brighton on Friday 7th March as part of our International Women’s Day programme. What can the audience expect from the show?

This show is a brutally honest account of how I feel about being a women and not always looking like one and not quite sure if I always feel like one.

What was the impetus for creating the piece?

I wanted to find my feminine side so I attempted to become the full homemaker mother-figure

The work questions how we see women today, last year seemed to be equally as fabulous as it was frustrating for feminism, have you seen significant changes in this since you made the show? 

I heard something on Women’s Hour that there is a growing trend amongst teenage and young women to identify as a feminist which is great because I think amongst my own generation there has been a tendency to shy away from the title because of the fear of appearing as a man hating dyke

Ok, and the big pressing question – which Disney character would you most like to Queerify?


Find out more about Lucy and her work over at www.lucyhutson.com